Recreational vehicles and watercraft – such as boats and Jetski's, always take a massive beating from the elements.

Many boats are constructed using gel coating reinforced with fiberglass, which can easily be scratched and damaged, causing water to leak into the boat. A key area this can occur is the front edge of a boat – also referred to as the "keel" – which works as the foundation or spine of the boat and is the central source of architectural support to the hull.


Enter POLYUREA – and its near-‘indestructible' protective 'armor.' properties. Polyurea regularly can repair chipped and damaged hulls by coating the affected area. Its excellent adhesion to gel-coated fiberglass makes it ideal for this type of application.

Polyurea prepares the boat keel like a truck bed. The area of the boat hull that does not require Polyurea is masked off for protection. The boat's centerline is used as a reference point to begin masking off the area to be sprayed. Once the area is properly prepped, Polyurea can be sprayed in one continuous strip from the bow's top to the boat's stern.

Overall, there is no doubt. Polyurea is the perfect solution for gel-coated fiberglass keel protection. Boat owners greatly appreciate Polyurea applicators' efficiency, making the repair efficient to limit the number of time boats are out of the water.

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