ArmorThane Marine Coatings

Boats, flotation devices, marinas, and wharves are prone to corrosion and abrasion at the hands of sea, sun, salt, and normal wear-and-tear. Keep marine equipment protected with durable spray-on polyurea coatings and polyurethane foam solutions. Talk to the experts at ArmorThane and let them find the marine application protection you need.

"ArmorThane coatings prevent deterioration and help extend the service life of your boat. The same coatings are used to repair the damage, add performance years and make them look nice again. Applying ArmorThane surface protection also improves the resale value."

Polyurea Coating

This type of coating is an elastomeric mixture consisting of polyurea or urea with carbon. It is applied to a boat, container, or vessel as a thin coat and is used as a barrier from salt. It provides good corrosion resistance, however, it does not repel water as well as urea.

Polyurethane Foam Coating

This is a thick-gauge elastomeric foam coating. It can be applied as a thin coat to vessels and equipment, such as boats, boat docks, and boat docks boxes to provide a very durable membrane that is very porous in nature. It is best used in marine environments and in vessels that will be subjected to rough usages, such as in ports of entry. In these locations, it can be used for the first coat application.

Polyurea Elastomeric Foam Coating

This is a thin elastomeric foam coating. It is ideal for the marine and marine equipment. It is used to protect the interior or exterior of a vessel and other marine equipment from water damage. It is also used in marine applications as a protective coating for marinas. It is not as tough as the polyurea or polyurethane foams. This is the most cost-effective solution for protection against moisture in marine applications.

This is yet another application for foams. It is most commonly used to provide protection against moisture and rust in marine applications.

In addition to the types of foams mentioned above, polyurea foams and Polyurethane foams are also used in marine applications. Polyurethane is water and oil-resistant coating. In marine environments, it serves as a coating for the exterior or interior of a vessel or for the interior of a vessel that is subject to frequent contact with fluids, such as the hull, deck, pipes, and other items in the environment that can get inside the vessel.

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