When it comes to anything that is exposed to the water, rust is of the utmost concern. We have all seen the impact water and subsequent corrosion can have on everything from wood to metal. In time, rust will lead to the total failure of numerous common materials. Unfortunately, even vessels made for the water undergo the hazardous results of this seemingly harmless and natural chemical substance.

If you are in the business of selling, upgrading, maintaining, or using water vessels, then it deserves thinking about the addition of a polyurea finishing to your inventory. The spray-on coatings they have designed at ArmorThane are an ideal solution for any marine application. Due to their exceptional efficiency against water and abrasion, they will offer you the protection your clients and staff members require to improve your service and construct trust in your services.

Check out the following reasons you must purchase ArmorThane for your marine business, and connect anytime to learn more about how they can personalize each service for your professional requirements.


If you have ever seen an old and rusty fishing boat-- or perhaps been the happy owner of one yourself-- then you comprehend how dangerous water can be to a boat's body with time. This is particularly real for older boats, as the initial paint disappears and raw, damaged materials are exposed to the water and outdoors. If you remain in the business of working with water vessels near the ocean, then rust from salt is more likely to happen in a much shorter duration.

Whether you are currently battling rust on your boats or you wish to prevent this from ever happening, a protective covering can be the perfect service for your company's needs. A polyurea coating will supply a water-tight seal. This ensures that any material underneath is safeguarded versus deterioration.

Unlike metallic surfaces, our coatings are created to withstand rust and can stand up to ongoing exposure to a selection of chemicals. Coating the whole body of your boat will help seal it against whatever the waters throw its way. This is perfect for brand-new boats and old alike. If your boat currently has rust areas or other weak points, a finish will seal these areas and supply you with like-new protection. As a result, your boat will not be filled with holes or other damages that lead to failure on the water and costly repair work later on.


Not only does corrosion lead to a weakened vessel. However, it likewise leaves your boat looking less-than-pristine. While you don't anticipate your boat to look remarkably new permanently, you also don't desire it to look more like a shipwrecked craft than a seaworthy vessel. The appearance]e of your vessel might be essential in bring in brand-new customers or guaranteeing brand-new investors of the quality behind your brand. Purchasing a brand-new paint task is one method for offering your boat a facelift in this endeavor. However, the paint often chips quickly or weakens quickly under heavy usage.

Conversely, an industrial coating is a cost-effective technique for making your boat look brand-new once again. The finishing is easily sprayed over the body of your vessel, leaving you with a balanced covering instead of a splotchy paint job. After the coating cures, your company will achieve a rugged and tidy look.


Among the many risks of dealing with the water is slipping and falling on slick surfaces. As you get in and out of the water or pull your day's catch in, water quickly spreads out across the floor, covering. This makes it incredibly slick and harmful for everyone on board. At least, a fall means a bruised knee; however, it could result in someone falling overboard or a severe head injury.

The good news is that not only does ArmorThane provide coatings that will protect the outside of your company vessel, however, we also provide coatings created for flooring. These polyurea coatings are created with anti-slip innovation and will help keep everybody onboard safe. Make sure you have solid footing on your boat by adding a flooring coating!

Suppose you use your boat for industrial fishing or other activities that need a lot of equipment. In that case, you can use coatings to keep whatever safe while furthermore keeping deterioration at bay. From the tool kit on your boat that you toss your knives into after gutting a fish to the equipment you have installed to your vessel, ArmorThane's spray-on coatings are wondrous at keeping everything in top condition. 


You can add their coatings to these various items quickly and easily. As soon as the coating has been treated, it will lock out r and any other chemicals that your equipment is exposed to. It is likewise abrasion-resistant, which implies you won't scratch and scrape your equipment too.

You might plan on running your boat for many years, or you might consider selling it at some point to buy a better vessel. If you ever want to put that boat back on the marketplace, buying a commercial covering will enhance its worth. As pointed out in the points above, a finish protects and guards against weathering. This leaves you with a boat that is a lot easier to resell and one that looks pristine despite heavy usage.

Are you thinking about implementing a protective polyurea finishing for your boat or other marine equipment? Contact ArmorThane today to find out more about how they can help your organization!ttt

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