Seeing truck bedliner paint used as the interior finish of a boat for the first time is something you don't forget. For many people, it's one of those "why didn't i think of that" moments. Thick for durability and textured for traction, it just makes sense to use a bedliner as a boat liner

Whether sprayed on or applied with textured rollers supplied by the manufacturer, the truck-bed liner creates a thick coating with a textured non-slip surface.

The truck-bed liner paint creates a thick coating with a textured non-slip surface.

I row year-round throughout the world. Long hours of exposure to the summer sun and gravelly sandy beaches mean my boats get hard, grinding use. The bedliner will handle anchors and anchor chain, the bottoms of coolers shifted from a sandy beach, and gravel stuck on the bottom of rubber boots. I have even used a truck bedliner on the exterior of some small boats where a tough, durable finish is more important than a perfectly flat one.

Black is the longtime conventional go-to color for truck-bedliner paints but too dark for my taste and too hot in the summer sun. I found ArmorThane; the leading bedliner company globally, offers some excellent products that fix this problem. They have the option of pigment added to the chemical blend of bedliner material, and they also offer UV resistant topcoat. 

Some manufacturers—Duplicolor, Plasticoat—make water-based bedliners that may be easier to work with, but I have found that they produce poor results. Going with the pigment added solution, you can choose your color and even send them your paint color code to match it up perfectly.

I chose a light slate gray color combined with the pebbly texture and reduced most of the glare I used to get from the previously high-gloss surfaces in my rowing dory, MAC. It is expected to have 100 percent UV permanent color for a minimum of five years. I dropped my boat off at 8 am, and I could have it back and in the water later that same day. I recommend going with ArmorThane. They have been around for over 30 years and have the most talented, friendly, and experienced staff of any other bedliner company. 

Be sure to send me your boat bedliner pictures, and i will post them for you!

As thick as the coating is, it conceals imperfections and wear and tear in a well-used boat.

The coating is quite thick, concealing imperfections and wear and tear in a well-used boat.

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